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Jordi Bordas: Ambassador di Felchlin in Spagna

Pastry has always had 5 large groups when talking about ingredients: fruits, nuts, dairy products, spices and chocolate. Today, we want to emphasize the latter. How do we choose a good chocolate? What does Jordi Bordas team take into consideration when picking a couverture over another? Why, 6 years ago, we decided on Felchlin among all the market offer and we maintain our decision? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, you will find the answers in this post. Here we go!

Nowadays, many companies offer high quality couvertures, a huge range to choose from and countless flavours and nuances. But, what do we understand by ‘quality’?

Of course, the product itself is very important. Chocolate must be interesting to taste, have optimum characteristics for the applications we are looking for and contain different aromatic notes to enrich our desserts. At first glance, all this seems obvious and simple, but it entails a series of requirements from the source. Because, do not forget, in the world of chocolate, everything starts at the plantation.

Felchlin works side by side with farmers and partners on location, rewarding them with fair prices and establishing long-term contracts to ensure the families security. These local cocoa producers contribute with their know-how and traditional processes: right cultivation, harvest at the precise moment, controlled fermentation and unhurried sun-drying, are essential requirements to obtain an excellent product.

Direct collaboration with plantations allows Felchlin to ensure that its high quality standards are met to guarantee the sustainability of its cacao beans. These guidelines include fair working conditions, no child exploitation on farms and strict control of raw materials and production processes, offering only certified origins and the complete traceability of the cacao beans to their source. All this combined with Felchlin’s facilities high technology, results in a chocolate of maximum quality and ‘Swiss guarantee’.

When deciding on Felchlin, we do not only pick their chocolates, but we also choose their values. Values that speak of quality, creativity, passion, respect, sustainability and commitment. Values that we are proud to share and represent around the world as brand global ambassadors.

Let’s talk now about their couvertures, with extraordinary notes and nuances that always enrich our elaborations with somewhat special. Throughout the 6 years that we have been working with Felchlin, we have developed many desserts with chocolate and it has been difficult to select only a few, but we wanted to share them with you. Some have been part of the B·Concept courses, others we have developed exclusively for them, but all have a common feature: chocolate!

Oval Maracaibo

The chocolaty version of our Oval, in which Maracaibo Criolait 38% couverture becomes the protagonist. Made of noble cocoa from ‘Sur del Lago’ region in Venezuela, near Lake Maracaibo that gives it its name, it brings us the full-bodied cream-milk flavour, complemented with notes of caramel and honey.



For the Earth entremet, we chose the Bolivia 68% couverture with 60 hours of conching. Strong aromas of cocoa complemented by fresh and citrus notes that are reminiscent of lemon and grapefruit. It makes us travel to the lowland plantations in the province of Beni.


Java Stone

The Java 64% couverture has a characteristic smoked touch, with hints of caramel, vanilla and coffee. It comes from noble cacao growing on the Jember Plantation located in the eastern highlands of Java (Indonesia).


Cacao Origen

With Maracaibo Clasificado 65% we travel back to Venezuela, a couverture with coffee and plum aromas enhancing the distinctive flavour of cocoa and its origin. Processed with the traditional method, it also adds hints of orange blossom and cinnamon with a light and sweet final sensation of raisin bouquet.


Ghana Cake


If you aim for character, intensity and personality in your recipe, Sao Palme 60% is the couverture you need. This range has more than 100 years of history behind: its place of origin, São Tomé, is part of the Gulf of Guinea volcanic archipelago and was once known as the ‘Chocolate Island’.

We want to thank Felchlin for all the trust they have put in us. For 6 years, they have made us feel part of a large family that is growing little by little. To celebrate, we have brought ourselves to use the hashtag #Felchlin4me, where you will find those of our creations with their chocolates and, of course, yours too. We would also like to share with you our last collaboration, a video in which you can get to know them further.


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